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“Wikipedia is by far the world's largest encyclopedia; it is the largest, most comprehensive, and most accessible compilation of knowledge to exist in the history of the human race.”

With more than 299 lingual versions, 32.5 million active users and more than 600 new articles every day, popularity ok Wikipedia is undeniable. Two tech entrepreneurs Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger shook the internet and claimed an undefeatable territory in January 2001.

Quickly rising pre-eminence, Wikipedia became the world's first user-generated online encyclopedia in the world, where masses could easily create and edit the content. Today, Wikipedia is the world's largest encyclopedia; and Google loves it too!

Did you know Wikipedia has been amongst the top five most viewed websites in 2022? Hold on, it has just started getting interesting; according to Wikipedia Statistics, more than 4.9 billion viewers visited the website in alone February 2022. Just imagine the quantum of people reverting to Wikipedia when they seek information and its reliability.

Are you overwhelmed? Well, we were when we got to know about all of this through our Wikipedia gurus. Does this entice you to showcase your work on Wikipedia or have a personal existence there? Are you thinking to or looking to buy a Wikipedia page for your business or yourself? If yes, then you are absolutely on the right platform. We, Wikipedia Thrive is a full spectrum Wikipedia agency with experts who can help you create or buy a Wikipedia page.

How To Buy Wikipedia Article or Wikipedia Page?

So, this may sound a little tricky, and that's fine. When we say buy Wikipedia page, we don't really mean buying someone else's page or hijack someone's hotspot. To understand the entire mechanism, you must dig a little deeper. There is a platform called “Wikimedia Foundation”. This is just like any other non-profit organization under the umbrella of Wikipedia Group that encourages and facilitates content creators from all around the world under public domain or a free license.

The contributors of Wikipedia are sitting everywhere in the world, and they update the content daily. Did you know Wikipedia develops at a rate of over 2 edits every second, performed by editors from all over the world. Currently, the English Wikipedia includes 6,584,984 articles and it averages 561 new articles per day. (Source: Wikipedia Statistics)

Contribution of Third-Party Publishers

Now, let's understand who these lucky people are who make it to Wikipedia without having to pay to any content creators. Celebrities, well-known personalities, controversial figures, fortune 100 companies and people of such stature are the ones who automatically get a spot-on Wikipedia.

This doesn't mean that people with talent, aspirations and other achievements cannot make to Wikipedia. It's a platform available for everyone and you can get yourself a spot there with the help of Wikipedia writing experts. We, Wikipedia Thrive is a certified Wikipedia agency that creates wiki profiles for people who have achieved big things in life. We also have placed a lot of business on Wikipedia, and they are now doing exceptionally well.

However, this is not an easy job because publishing on Wikipedia comes with a lot of strict guidelines. There may be various agencies or freelancers claiming to provide you wiki drafts and page creation services, but the approvals ratio is very low.

What Is the Approval Mechanism?

This is basically a quality check; Wikipedians, the custodians of the brand basically review each Wikipedia draft that is submitted for the following things:

  • Content credibility
  • Neutral Point of View
  • Profile Validation
  • Sources
  • Article linking
  • Language and Consistency

Finally, why should you buy a Wikipedia Page or Article?

As discussed earlier, Wikipedia is amongst the world's most used/visited websites. In fact, its safe to say that in the list of top 5 websites, it's the only one which is pure content-based platform. All the information seekers land there, get their relevant information, and then move to any other platform. Your social media profiles or business profiles are never the first source of information for the visitors. People want to know things in detail, they are more interested in knowing about your roots, your personal and professional stories. Give them content they want to consume and stay at the top of their minds. Moreover, it shares global reputation and is available in more than 300 languages; imagine the massive reach, literally all around the world. Lastly, Google loves Wikipedia. We can bet, whenever you search for anything on google, the first search result is always Wikipedia, following it, no one cares. BUT, what if its not on Wikipedia, within seconds the credibility of the topic goes down the drain. People don't believe what other publishers or content seeded platforms are saying, because its “seeded”. All these attributes add to the raising demand of Wikipedia articles and pages.

Benefits of Wikipedia in a glance:

  • Credible
  • Sustainable
  • e-World King
  • Excellent source of awareness
  • Global reach
  • Authentic
  • Unique

Interested in knowing more? Here is the list of other reason that you must buy a Wikipedia page.

Even Ski isn't the Limit with SEO Ranking

Have you heard of master sheet? Wikipedia is like that, as it contains a lot of sources and backlinking from various sources. Therefore, the content is considered unbiased and neutral. Optimization helps on the website crawl up and be the first choice of google, always. If you want to be on the top, then choose the platform that is always on the top.

Amplified Awareness

Those who work globally, talk about movements, ideas, or any other topic, can buy a Wikipedia page and operate freely. This helps in reaching the global audience and creating awareness and even getting funds and donation to support the cause.

Boosted Popularity

If you are an artist, a businessman, a brand owner, or a talent powerhouse, you should use Wikipedia as your stage to the world. You can grow your fan base by being available of the world's largest encyclopedia and gain followers from all around the world. Businesses can gain a lot of advantage from wiki presence as tourists, travelers and influencers are always on a hunt of great places and guess where they get all the relevant information? Wikipedia!

Keep Your Readers Updated in Real Time

Your fans and information seekers are always interested in getting the latest information about your life or business. Where do you read about the twitter takeover in detail? Or where can you find word for word information of the world's most famous divorce, Johnny Depp and Amber heard? The stated example suffices the utility and the beauty of the real-time information need.

Fastest Route for Promotions

What if we tell you this is the cheapest way to get promotions that even on global level? Imagine paying a few hundred dollars and then redeeming the benefits forever? Yes, once you are on Wikipedia, then you can win the fame game without having to promote yourself ever again. People will know of you, about you and nobody can ever take you down. Also, there is no regular or annual fee, it's just one-time fuel for you to fly for the rest of your life.

Foolproof Credibility

Did you know readers believe everything that they read on Wikipedia? In fact, they only believe what's written there. Because of the reputation of the platform, the Wikipedia profiles reap the benefits for free. As mentioned earlier, because of thorough scrutiny and checks, it is claimed that each word on Wikipedia is 100% accurate and free from any biasness or assumptions.

Do I or My Business Qualify to Buy Wikipedia Page?

If you wan to buy a Wikipedia page for your self or your business, its not a dream or wish anymore. You can easily do it with our expert help; however, you need to have a strong digital persona already. Don't worry, this may sound tricky but its simple and can be done as pre-requisite for you. You need to have some blog publications, published articles, listed as business or in business or accolades list. All these add value to the content that is created as draft and assists in getting through the approvals. This is Wikipedia terms is called notability and there are strict guidelines for measuring the standards.

Therefore, you need to have substance to get through the approvals. Don't worry if you don't have any of the above mentioned, we can do the back working for you. After taking brief from you, we can contact the notable publishers, get your articles published and design the case. Later, we can work help you get yourself that dream slot on Wikipedia.

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