How to Make a Page for an Author on Wikipedia

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Every writer wants to write a best-seller and get known both locally and around the world. But the fight to achieve the objective is not only hard, but there are also many bumps along the way. As more and more competitors enter the online market, you'll need to come up with some good plans to move forward.

The most effective strategy for winning the online battle is to show up on Wikipedia. Do you wonder why? Here are a few facts that show how big the platform is and how important it is to be on it.

Wikipedia is a site that anyone can edit, and it has a huge collection of well-written articles and biographies. The platform has more than 55 million articles that bring in more than 1.7 billion organic traffic every month. Not only that, but Wikipedia posts articles in more than 300 different languages, which shows how far it reaches online. There are 148,305 people who have made changes to Wikipedia.

Are you surprised that you find it so useful and important for your progress as an online author? If so, you should find out how to make a Wikipedia page.

Steps on How to Make a Page for an Author on Wikipedia

Here is a detailed guide to help writers make a Wikipedia page for an author, which takes time and strictly adheres to the Wikipedia rules. So, read on to find out what happens.

Step 1: Set up an account for the author

First, you ought to make an account on Wikipedia for the author. Go out to Wikipedia.org and click "create an account" in the upper right corner. You might even be asked to choose the language you prefer to use. So, on the form for making an account, choose a good username but also set a secure password.

You have to classify the correct information and even make a user page. For writers to be able to add to Wikipedia, they need to have a user document that shows what they've done on the site. This also helps build their credibility. So, if you want to make an author's page, you must first contribute to a platform by proofreading the articles that are already there.

Step 2: Read the rules and guidelines of Wikipedia.

Before you start writing your Wikipedia page, you need to read the rules and guidelines for making a page for an author on Wikipedia. For a writer's page to be approved, the platform makes it clear that they must follow all of its rules very carefully. So, out of a long list of policies, here are the most important points.

The Rule of Being Notable

You need to know first whether the author you want to write about is well-known or not. According to the rules about notability, the author should be known online in some way. He or she should be interesting enough to make people want to read more and remain on the page longer. He should be easy to check. If you're not accepted to create a Wikipedia page, you can still get known online by using the tips below.

Consult a SEO Expert

You need to talk to the SEO expert who might help you improve your online reputation. Professionals know how to set up a person's online presence and help them become better known online.

And when it comes to create a Wikipedia page for authors, Wikipedia Thrive is the one-stop solution!

The way of writing

The next part is the style of writing that Wikipedia says you should use. Here, you need to make sure your content is easy to understand. Its message needs to be clear, and it shouldn't try to sell anything. You shouldn't put the information in one's content that is biased or could start a fight.

Get on platforms with a lot of credibility

If Forbes or The New York Times have written about you, you can count yourself lucky because you will be on Wikipedia in no time.

Research Well

The information should come from trustworthy and credible sources. It should be easy to check all of the references. The facts and statistics you use in your composition should be real and reliable. You need to know if the web page you are linking to is reliable and worth using.

Avoid Vandalism

You should avoid vandalism because the platform doesn't care about it in any way. Those that get involved will never be able to get into their accounts again. It's an act whenever an editor or author tries to hurt the reputations of published authors by putting up information about them that isn't relevant or true.

Step 3: Make sure it's different

You should make sure that the author you're about to write about doesn't already have a Wikipedia page. Now, to check that, go to the box that says "Requested Article" and type the name into it.

Check the one-of-a-kindness

To figure out how a search box works, you need to know about the two ways to use it: the Red Link method and the Blue Link method. If you type in the author's name and see a red link that means the author is distinctive and you may write about him or her. If you see a blue link that indicates that the writer already has a page.

Step 4: Find the comprehensive details about the author

Now since your author is unique enough to have a Wikipedia page, you need to find out a little more about him or her. You should only get information from sites that are well-known and trusted. You should keep your description as detailed as possible and add facts to give your content more weight.

Step 5: Write the Author's Page

Now comes the most important part: writing a page for an author. The information on your page ought to be clear. It shouldn't be too wordy. You can't say anything bad about the person's character or treat them badly. If you have a problem with the subject you're about to talk about, you might not be able to do well with it. The information should be given in a neutral tone, and no personal opinions should be included. You need to keep in mind that you are giving information, not selling something or praising the person.

Step 6: SEO Optimization

To get on Wikipedia, you need to know more than just how to write good content. You also need to pick the correct SEO techniques. Your content should use the keyphrases in every way possible. There must be things about it that can help it do better in search engines. The rules of Wikipedia are getting more like the rules of search engines. So, the published article gets to the top of the list on the web. To get better results, you should use all of the SEO techniques.

If you are worried about the non-promotional parts, you can add links to your author's website in the section for external links. Wikipedia doesn't allow "do-follow" links, which help make its online content more trustworthy. But the external link segment lets you add the webpages you want your readers to visit.

Step 7: Make your content look nice

The very next thing to do is put your content in the right format. Even here, you ought to follow the right SEO rules. To make your content easy to read, you need to know how to put it together in the right way. Keep your paragraphs to no more than four or five lines. Use headings to explain what the information is about. Since people who read online have relatively short attention spans, make the content simple to skim. Use the right tools for formatting, and don't forget to add pictures. Images that are relevant will help people find your page.

Step 8: Add a source

Make sure your content has the right citations. Searchable references are a must-have thing in the Wikipedia rules. You need to make sure that each and every link is still good and can be checked. The right way to cite something can be found within Wikipedia guidelines. Harvard Style is the most common way to cite sources.

Step 9: Check for errors

You need to look over your writing to see if there are any mistakes. You can check for grammar mistakes with advanced tools. You need to pay close attention to how the sentences are put together and check to see if there are any typos. It's necessary to look for errors because if the official editors find one, they would then reject your content and hurt your credibility.

Step 10: Send your page to be approved

To get your article approved, you have to submit it. To do this, just go to your account and select "create a page" on the left. The approval could take up to three or four months. You may get a URL to your article once it is published.

Wrapping Up

So, this was the step-by-step guide to publishing an author's page on Wikipedia the right way. But final approval may not be parameters determining only what you have to do with your submission. You also have to manage it. To sustain your content up-to-date, you will have to keep an eye on the page reviews that people post.

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