How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

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In today's digital era, Wikipedia has demonstrated its tremendous power and extensive social influence. According to research, about 500 million people log on to Wikipedia every month. Wikipedia is now the world's largest and most popular online reference book, and it is also among the top five most popular websites in the world. Doesn't it sound like the perfect platform to promote yourself? Sure, it does.

Although Wikipedia's mission is to provide an accurate, reliable, and neutral platform for the online encyclopedia, but it can also be used as to build credibility and notability on the internet. All entries on Wikipedia must be verifiable and must not be written with the intent of promoting or advertising a particular point of view. Any attempt to use Wikipedia for self-promotion or advertising is strictly forbidden. You must be wondering how a person can stay neutral and promote himself at the same time! Well, it requires a professional approach and awareness of Wikipedia rules and policies. Wikipedia Thrive is the agency that has been in this industry for years. We know what it takes to enlighten your name on the internet while adhering all the Wikipedia rules.

What Makes a Wikipedia Page So Special?

Wikipedia has a huge amount of online traffic and that makes it crucial for public figures and athletes to create a page on Wikipedia. But how? Creating a Wikipedia page on athlete not only helps you increase your online presence, but also boost your search engine results ranking. Creating a Wikipedia page is quite a complex task. You need to be very sure about all the essential rules and guidelines of Wikipedia in order to create a Wikipedia page. It also requires professional approach but without proper knowledge and expertise, one cannot create such page. Here are some rules you must follow:

  • Be neutral and try not to add promotional content on Wikipedia. Wikipedia doesn't allow advertisement.
  • Don't engage yourself in violation. Try not to call other people fake or wrong and don't praise yourself.
  • Avoid grammar mistakes and be authentic while creating content for your page.
  • Add legit sources in your wiki article and page.

How To Create Wikipedia Page for Athletes?

Create an account

Before making edits or creating a page, Wikipedia will prompt you to register. This is an optional step - an anonymous participant can also work with the encyclopedia. But the account will play into your hands - as a rule, registered members are considered as more reliable.

It's easy to create an account - just come up with a name and password. Even an email address is only needed if you want to use it to restore your account. It is advisable not to use the company name as the name. Otherwise, you will provoke editors to subconsciously perceive your article as an advertisement.

Learn How Wikipedia Works

Firstly, this is a good thing to train and practice writing drafts and understand how everything works in the free encyclopedia before getting started with your own page. It will add solidity to your account. Contribution to the development of Wikipedia is displayed in the profile. The more useful actions for the benefit of the encyclopedia, the more confidence in you as the author of a new article.

Gather Information

If you want to create Wikipedia page for athlete, you first need to perform an extensive research and identity the credible sources present on the internet.

Keep your own site only as a last resort. For example, to confirm information that only you know - about the number of employees, the internal structure of the company, etc. Wikipedia is very sensitive to copyright, so only your images are needed - screenshots from the site, corporate photos, etc.

Start Writing

Write about the specialization of the person, about the early life and achievements - about what you are proud of and what is just as important for others.

Under no circumstances use the text from the "About Us" section of the site or press releases. Not only does such text not fit Wikipedia in style, but its use also violates copyright.

Stick to a neutral style. This applies not only to the objective presentation of facts, but also to language. Avoid emotional connotations, superlatives, and exclamation marks so that you are not suspected of promoting your interests.

However, writing content on Wikipedia requires expertise. It is not a casual content writing. But it has a lot of technical things to take care of. You must consider Wikipedia page creation services to get high quality content for Wikipedia page.

Submit your Page

To do this, go to the "Create an article with an assistant" section on the main page.

The Assistant, or Article Wizard, is a kind of pre-publication checklist. You answer security questions about the topic, relevance, sources, and content of the text. At the end, the Article Wizard will offer to create a page directly on Wikipedia or in the Incubator - a training ground for posting articles.

It is recommended to choose accommodation in an Incubator and here's why. If a page in the main space is immediately removed when it does not meet the requirements, then the publication in the Incubator cannot be removed due to lack of sources or unproven significance for a whole month.

All this time, the page will be inaccessible to readers, but other members will help make it better. You will receive feedback from experienced editors in the comments and you can ask questions on the Incubator forum.

As for the design, both Wikipedia and Incubator offer ready-made templates for placing text, and in any incomprehensible situation, you can ask a question on the forum or read the corresponding article.

Perks of Wikipedia Page for Athlete?

With the great significance and authority that it has, Wikipedia seems like a good place to promote your website or receive part of its influence, but getting it is more complicated than it seems. That's the reason that most of the athletes consider experts. And if you're an athlete who wishes to appear on Wikipedia, Wikipedia Thrive is your only place to go!

In fact, despite being a collaborative platform, it has a large number of voluntary editors and moderators who, due to their experience, accumulate the necessary reputation to supervise and modify the content of wikis, restore previous versions, etc. And at the same time, they will try to prevent it from being used as an advertising medium, so they eliminate any indication of advertising or bad practices.

Therefore, if we create page and use personal website for citation, Wikipedia's official moderators will probably eliminate the page or link without any consent, thus, causing a publishing war that will harm your page. Although this does not mean that it is impossible to appear on Wikipedia and take advantage of its authority, but that we must be more patient and strategic.

In fact, some say the best thing to do is wait for one of these publishers to see your company important enough for them to voluntarily write a post about it or to propose it to us through the Reward Board. And as an additional complement, it will always be a good idea to have professionals with experience in Content Marketing, since they can advise you to write quality content.

Wikipedia Page Creation for Athlete

Wikipedia Thrive is one of the industry-leading Wikipedia page creation agencies and has built a solid portfolio over the years. Our Wikipedia moderators and editors work tirelessly to get your profile on Wikipedia in no time! We have a proven track record and have created Wikipedia pages for athletes. We ensure that all content is up to date, factually accurate, and compliant with Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. We also offer a range of additional services such as content monitoring, content removal, and page protection. All you need to do is to give us a call! We'll get your Wikipedia page up with no hassles whatsoever!

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