How to Easily Create a Wikipedia Biography

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Biographies demonstrate what happened in a person's life in their life span from their point of view. It also includes how they live and what they do that is important to a certain area. People who read a lot like to learn about how other people became who they are. To honor the most well-known people in the world or to remember heroes who died, Wikipedia has added a section called "Biographies." Wikipedia is known for being one of the best online encyclopaedias. It was made by two people in 2003, which was a long time ago. On search engines, Wikipedia is one of the top 10 sites.

When someone goes to Wikipedia, they can look at millions of publications that are full of great information. Articles are also available in more than one language, so anyone around the world can read them. Last but not least, it has an open-source and free platform that doesn't stop anyone from learning.

Biographies on Wikipedia should be fair, and editors must be careful not to take sides when making changes. All of the pages must be edited and published according to the platform's rules. So, are you curious to know about Writing a Biography on Wikipedia?

There are many things that have to be done. Let's look at how to make a Wikipedia biography.

Autobiography vs. biography

People often get a biography and autobiography mixed up. It should be clear that they are not the same. Both of them reiterate the same viewpoint, but the author's identity is the key difference.

What is a biography?

A biography, also called a bio, is a complete record of someone's life. Biographies are often written about someone by someone else as a way to honor them. It has everything from the person's birth date to their family history and every stage of their life. So, after learning about the person and doing research on them, write about them with facts, figures, and stories.

What is an autobiography?

On the other hand, a person writes his or her own autobiography. In this case, the word "auto" means "self." So, it is made up of nothing but the one. Also, an autobiography has the same kind of background and stories as a biography. It can be documented by a top writer who wants to help other people.

Why it's hard to write an autobiography

So, there are rules that folks need to follow before they can even think about making a Wikipedia page about themselves. People say that writing an autobiography shows a conflict of interest. Wikipedia has a strong policy against writing about adverts and doing it. In this way, Wikipedia has had to deal with a lot of disagreements about facts and vandalism. They are not liked very much because it is hard to write articles that are neutral. Writers think they are being impartial, but they are not. There is unconscious bias in autobiographies, which is not okay on the platform. Also, autobiographies make it hard to find neutrality and facts that can be checked.

When there is an article on Wikipedia about a person Where it's hard to write a fair article about yourself, other people have made pages about you. Contributing pages, making legitimate recommendations on the chat pages, and letting other editors check it out, amend it, and approve it. There are ways to fix damage and arguments. As an online encyclopedia that relies on secondary sources, Wikipedia shouldn't take any original sources into account.

What Should You Know Before Writing a Biography?

Wikipedia has more than just autobiographies. It also has biographies of people who are still alive. Everyone needs to pay attention when writing Wikipedia biographies because the pages need a lot of care and attention. There are three things that you can't ignore and should take very seriously.

  • You should be neutral
  • Verifiability
  • References must be authentic

A Wikipedia Biography, pages, and articles must be written carefully and respect a person's privacy. Wikipedia is an information site, not a tabloid or a place to have fun. It is not a place to spread hype or news. Always add good references and stay away from edits, quotes, references, and questions that don't have sources. All of the sources must be properly cited with high-quality links. If you use quotes or dialogue that could be questioned, you should put inline citations from reliable sources next to them.

If there is controversial information about a living person or a person who died recently that is poorly gathered and has shaky links from unreliable sources; it will be taken down right away. Even though Wikipedia has rules about other things, they also have rules about how to write. Let's take a look at the way a biography is written.

Tone While Writing

Anyone can write a Wikipedia biography, but it needs to be done with care and in a sustainable way. According to the rules, it should be written in a way that doesn't favor one side or another and includes trustworthy links.

Write about all actions and events using reliable sources, and don't focus too much on recent events. Don't use strong words or labels that could cause trouble. If you do it, make sure it has been described by sources you can trust.

Balance in Writing

Balance is important across all things, but especially when, Making a Wikipedia page about your life. There is a clear line between criticism and praise, and if that line is crossed, a Wikipedia biography page could be taken down. When you add criticism or praise, you should do so carefully and in a calm, gentle way. Also, it shouldn't change the structure of the article so that the whole thing looks like it should.

How to Make a Wikipedia Biography Page in 9 Easy Steps

Here are those 9 steps you need to take to get a full answer on how to make a Wikipedia biography..

Step 1: Start with making a Wikipedia account.

This is the first step on the long ladder you need to climb. For example, if you have a test, you will first buy the book or PDFs to study for it. In the same way, you need a Wikipedia account for a smooth Wikipedia page. It is the key to the most information-packed website in the world. You can move on to the next steps after you have signed up.

How to Sign Up for a Wikipedia Account
  • This is what you do to make a Wikipedia page.
  • Start by going to wikipedia.org, which is the homepage of Wikipedia.
  • Pick a language.
  • Click the "Create an Account" button.
  • Fill out the form that comes up.
  • Confirm your email address
  • Sign in again to your account.
Step 2: Get a good reputation to show that you exist.

It's not enough to just get on a platform. You must now show the authorities that you are real and that you have the skills to have a Wikipedia biography page. To do this, you must build credibility and notoriety on the platform and make a good name for yourself. To do this, you have to publish at least seven authentic edits on the right kind of pages. Also, your account has to be at least four days old before you can make changes. Moreover, this site changes 1.9 times every second of the day, which is an interesting fact.

  • How to Make Changes to a Wikipedia Page
  • Open any Wikipedia page that you can.
  • Go to the right and click the "Edit" button.
  • Put the text in the Wikitext box.
  • source for every change
  • Look at the changes and send in the edit
Step 3: Choose the page's title.

Keep in mind that things that aren't unique won't stay in the spotlight for long. So, you should make sure that the page's title is unique and easy to understand. It should be something different, but it should also be a title that can show up in a lot of people's searches. Make sure you pick a title that fits the name and makes it stand out from other pages.

Step 4: See if the title you want is already taken.

When you're done choosing the name, you'll be asked to check the red link to see if the title is already taken. This will tell you when it's time to move on in the process.


Red link

This shows up on the screen when a title doesn't already have a Wikipedia page, but you can make one with it.

Blue Link

This shows up when the title you want to use already exists on Wikipedia. This means you need to choose a different title.

How to Find the Red Link in 3 Ways

Here are the ways to find the red link, and you can use any of them to make sure your proposed title is correct.

  • Start by looking at the home page
  • Visit Wikipedia homepage
  • Pick a language.
  • Choose the search box, type your title, and hit enter.
  • You'll see either a red or a blue link on the screen.
Method 2: Save a Red Link
  • Visit the Wikipedia user's talk page.
  • Put the title you want to use between double brackets.
  • Put out the changes
  • The red thread will be shown.
Method 3: Change the URL
  • Visit any page on Wikipedia that you can.
  • Go to the URL bar by clicking "Edit."
  • Change the name of the title in the URL
  • You'll see either a red or a blue link on the screen.
Step 5: Make a page about your life on Wikipedia

You can choose to "ask for the page to be made" right next to the red link. You only need to click on it to move forward. This is the step that is the easiest of the whole process. When you click the option, you will see a screen with all of Wikipedia's rules and guidelines.

Step 6: Make the precise page content

You've come a long way down. At this point, this is the most important part of making a page. You are expected to write the page's content. You can choose from two ways to do that. You can either type it directly into the "Article Wizard," which will be on the "Guidelines" page. Or, you can try out what you've learned on Sandbox.

How to Write a Bio for Wikipedia?

You have to make sure that these things are in the content of the biography. You can also use the biography template as a way to get more information.

- The Beginning

When writing a biography, you should talk about the person's early life. Where did they grow up, where did they have their first job, and other questions like that. This makes the reader curious and makes them want to keep reading.

- Life Description

Tell about the person's past, how their life was, what problems they have faced, etc. write everything down with all the details.

- Being Married and Having Children

People are really interested in the private lives of the people they read about. The page will be more interesting if you talk about marriage and kids.

- Talk about the person's education

What did they study? Why are they so popular? What made them make the choices they did in their life? Keep the reader attracted by giving more information.

- Prizes and Accomplishments

This part is the best part of any biography page. People will care more about the content if they know what the person has done and what they have accomplished. This point shows why people need to know about personality.

- Views on Politics and Philosophy

Wikipedia does not allow any kind of content that is unethical or political. But if you're writing about a specific person, it's nice to share their thoughts on politics and philosophy. This shows even more clearly what kind of people they are.

- List of sources and bibliography

Remember that nothing can move forward on Wikipedia without proper citations and bibliographies. You have to give references for everything you wrote on the biography page. Everything about a person, from their childhood to their death, has to be backed up by proper citations from reliable sources. If you don't, your page might be rejected right away.

Step 7: Look over the information and finish

Make a rough draught of the content, keeping in mind all the points, and ensure there are no mistakes in the content, from the outline to the sources. Look over everything. So, if you find any mistakes, fix them right away. In the end, finish the content.

Step 8: Send the page to Wikipedia for approval

So far, you have done all of the steps well. The last thing you can do is send it to be approved. You have to click the "Submit" button and then wait to see if it was accepted. But because there are so many page requests on the site, it will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for a Wikipedia biography page to be approved. Still, the time won't be longer than six months.

Step 9: Keep the page up to date over time

You might wonder if keeping a page updated is part of making a page because your job doesn't end when you create the page. If you want to get the right kind of traffic to the page, you have to keep adding new information to it. For example, a person's age goes up every year, so you need to make sure that you update it on the site.

Now that you know the significance of Wikipedia and how to create a biography, considering experts for such a task is quite a wise idea. Wikipedia Thrive is here to assist you all the way through! Give us a call now and let's get your biography up in no time!


How do I get my page on Wikipedia accepted?

The Wiki authorities agree that a page should be on Wikipedia. They take a close look at the page. You can find professional writers and editors from Wikipedia to help you write content and have it quickly approved.

How to make an autobiography for a Wikipedia bio?

It's easy to make an outline for a Wikipedia autobiography. Wikipedia has a separate outline for how to write the outline for a Wikipedia bio. You can make an outline by just following the instructions.

How to Write a Biography for Wikipedia?

If you want to write a Wikipedia biography, make sure you have done a lot of research on the subject and gathered resources that can be used. Since Wikipedia is a reliable source, there is no room for bias or bad news.


Here's everything you really have to know to make a Wikipedia biography. Get a team of expert Wikipedia writers from Wikipedia. Grow and don't be concerned about the remainder of the trouble.

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